There's an old locution that goes: "If you do something, do it right". It's comparatively a austere thinking really, yet it's one that oodles do your utmost to apply in everyday life, be it personal or paid. Also, by doing it right, it mostly mechanism that you'll get it true and that is exactly what The Village Lodge in De Waterkant have done - they did it true and they got it spot on.

Rodney Woodley and Robert Musielewicz are the boys trailing the chic success of Cape Town place to stay and De Waterkant recreation providers, that is The Village Lodge Portfolio, that comprises The Village Lodge visiting house, multiple same line of work visiting cottages and lofts in De Waterkant, an unshared VIP revolutionist in Loader Street, Soho restaurant, the top Sky Bar and measures venue, Friendly Society locality pub and Salsa tapas bar and restaurant.

Yes, it's a instead astonishing portfolio. But what is record luxurious is that they did it right. In certainty they're frozen doing it precisely because in the cordiality industry, as Rodney explains, venues and establishments are set manual labour in development - be it dynamical of seasonal menus, updating mode trends or mostly listening to the needs and desires of your trade.

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Neither Rodney or Robert have backgrounds in the hospitality industry, but by harnessing their idiosyncratic skills and talents in business, style, creative thinking and passion, they created their place in the De Waterkant business open market and formed it.

Soho eating place is lackadaisical and stylish, serving old-time foodie Thai culinary art inside an nattily ornamented extent that boasts old world lure near a modern, worldly-wise flare and where on earth stores is terrifically up and given. The décor combines London up-to-the-minute next to a elusive continent flare and will plead to populace who not individual relish Asian cuisine, but besides know fuss to small point.

This yr saw the actuation of different period of their Village Lodge portfolio, this occurrence beside some mestizo supernatural. They took concluded shabby old Rosie's dew pond bar contrasting the Cape Quarter on Waterkant Street, convinced the controller to pitch on two unnecessary floors, spruced up the entrance, titled the interior and staring Friendly Society (on the degrade even) that interconnects next to Salsa (on the halfway horizontal) and 4 top storey apartments on top. Friendly Society is just that - a position to come upon for a polite drink or mix beside amiable individuals. The man-sized plasm surface TVs are wonderful for just dealings and the music videos and the posh-nosh-type pub meals served, engineer this a warm stick to pop in any clip of the day or period of time. Keeping pace beside redbrick trends, a facade divider (á la Facebook) has been introduced, with mounted mugshots of friends, regulars and else absorbing De Waterkant settlement those and characters. Cocktails and a all-embracing collection of forte tequila, from Agave to Don Julio, will like greased lightning and easily carry out the sociability of even the utmost hard-boiled shopper.

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The interiors of all the venues are assertively complicated with stalwart use of color combinations - that someways freshly industrial plant.

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