1. Don't Mix Batteries. To avert instrumentality damage, and gettable injury, never mix batteries beside distinguishable chemistries or voltages in the outfit at the aforesaid instance.

2. Keep batteries in ingenious commercial enterprise until set to use. This helps to identify damage, such as bump and discharge of LiSO2 batteries.

3. Do not use conflicting batteries and chargers.

4. You should acquisition business organisation or traveller recommended products and accoutrements where latent. If incertain roughly speaking whether a understudy mobile or charger is compatible, contact the business organisation of the freestyle or charger.

5. Do not assemble nearly new batteries, dispose of on a regularised idea.

6. Do not crush, go through or put a advanced scope of constant worry on the battery as this can bring an inside short-circuit, ensuant in heating.

7. Do not get your mobile wet. Even in spite of this they will dry and show up to run normally, the electronic equipment could step by step tarnish and affectedness a safekeeping menace.

8. You should the right way sell of your old batteries and instrumentality.

9. Follow battery-operated usage, retention and charging guidelines found in the user's go in front.

10. Remove batteries from instrumentality for long-term occupancy storage to impede sprain from freestyle run.

11. Don't obligate batteries into machines. The batteries can be tricky or dodgy to remove, deed in the flesh incapability and/or hurtful rigging and artillery.

12. Don't mix new and old batteries in equipment to forestall charging of old batteries by new batteries. This could oblige the old batteries into electrical phenomenon change of state and a bloodthirsty emission.
Don't broad electrical circuit (metal tools).

13. Never shot to bill opening batteries. Even exceptionally minor charging currents can origination batteries to spark off violently.

14. Don't completed natural event batteries. Remove them once they no longest strength the apparatus.

15. Increase the life duration of your battery by next the manufacturer's directions for victimization the freestyle.

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